Heart palpitations when pregnant, dangerous or not

Experiencing palpitations can cause concern, especially if it occurs in pregnant women (pregnant women). This can make you wonder whether this complaint is considered normal, or is a sign of a disease or certain health conditions. Let's find the answer here. Pregnant women will experience changes in the body during pregnancy, such as an enlarged abdomen, fatigue, and changing appetite. Although not always the case, some pregnant women also complain of palpitations. Causes of palpitations in pregnant women During pregnancy, the body produces about 40% additional blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the unborn child. The addition of blood is what increases heart rate faster 25% than usual. The heart plays an important role in ensuring adequate supply of blood to the fetus to support its development in the body of the Mother. This increased blood flow plays a role in keeping the baby growing and developing. So, heart palpitations during pregnancy is actually a normal thing, r
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